Video And Audio

“One Way Trip to Mars” has been performed several times as a multi-media concert. The following links are from video of the first performance, September 30, 2016.

“Space Journey” performed in concert September 30, 2016. The lyrics for this song are almost verbatim from the lips of astronauts who have orbited earth or gone beyond.

“Send Off” performed by Tim Goad in concert September 30, 2016. At this point in the rock opera’s storyline nuclear terrorism and other catastrophic developments on earth have convinced the space agency to send Cassandra to join her life partner and fellow astronaut, Paolo, who is stranded without communication on Mars.

“Now That This is Real” (written by Johannah Harkness, sung by Peter Alexander). Early in the storyline Paolo and Cassandra come to grips with the harsh reality that he is about to leave on a one-way trip to Mars and may never see her again.