About the show

“One Way Trip to Mars” is a rock opera featuring 24 original songs by Bath residents Peter Alexander & Johannah Harkness. Following several successful performances as a multi-media concert at the Chocolate Church Arts Center (Bath) in September 2016 and the Frontier Theater (Brunswick) in January 2017, the show was re-worked for musical theater by Dennis St. Pierre, who will also direct the premiere at Waterville Opera House August 24 – 27.

Featuring an 11-piece orchestra, five principle actors, and a seven member ensemble, the music and action on stage is enhanced with cinematic video, props, lighting, audio, and special effects. “One Way Trip to Mars,” is not just entertaining musical theater, it engages audiences in timely questions about space travel and actual plans by NASA and other public and private organizations to colonize the red planet within the next two decades.

Set in 2033 “One Way Trip to Mars” tells a fictional (but scientifically viable) story about Paolo “Cruze,” the first human chosen to fly a solo, one-way mission to establish a human colony on Mars. When catastrophic events on earth cause communication links with Mars to go down, Paolo is left alone in the universe. In an effort to save the mission, and possibly the human race, the space agency sends Paolo’s life-partner and fellow astronaut, Cassandra, to join him on the red planet—but there’s no radio contact! From there the story accelerates to its dramatic conclusion. The storyline for this dramatic rock opera was inspired by actual plans by several space agencies to send manned missions to Mars within the next 10 to 20 years.

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